Red Lady Russia -

Our plane, the Red Lady Russia, was built in 1990 and is therefore relatively new. It was put into operation in1991. And after having served only one and a half years in the DOSAAF decommissioned in June 1992 with only 173 flying hours. In 2002 the YAK 52 was taken over by Termikas, refurbished and in 2005 sold to Germany. The previous owner of our plane had it converted to a tail dragger at Termikas 2008.

When we bought the plane in 2011 it just had a 360 hour total flying time. With the more powerful engine (400 horse power), and the optimized 3-bladed propeller from Mühlbauer as well as the fully retractable under carriage our YAK has remarkable performance. The ascend rate is breathtaking; the cruise speed is approximately 15 knots faster with a lower fuel consumption. Also the minimum speed is improved. This can be clearly seen at a slow-going acrobatic manoeuvre, e.g. slow-loop.

Technical Data:

Typ:  YAK 52 TD
built : 1990
empty weight: 990 kg
max. Take off weight : 1415 Kg
Wing span : 9,3 m
Length : 7,7 m
hight : 2,7 m
cruise speed:  270  - 320 km/h
max speed: 450 km/h
G force : +7 / -5 G
Max. Range 1.100 km
fuel : max 200 Liter  4 Tanks

Engine :

Vedeneyev M-14P
Horsepower : 400 PS
Displacement : 10.2 Liter


Mühlbauer MTV-9 3 blade const. speed

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