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Our Passion

All team members are aviation enthusiasts, in order not to say at least a little crazzy. On teh one hand it requires some kind of unconventional thoughts to buy and operate a "Warbird". On the other hand after very rational consideration we ended up buying a plane with a certain military character. As we like to perform aerobatics and as it is almost impossible to charter an aerobatic plane in Germany, we came to the conclusion to buy the legendary YAK 52.

Designed in the construction office Alexander Sergeyevich Yakowlew as an aerobatic and military trainer for students in the soviet DOSAAF training organisation which trained both civilan sport pilots and prospective MIG-Pilots. It had been manufactured by Aerostar Romania in the years 1979 to 1994.

Approximately 1800 planes of this type had been built. Since the end of the cold war this plane became very popular in western countries. With a standard equipped 360 horse power radial engine it is very powerfull as well as agile and features a good-natured flying attitude and moderate fuel consumption which makes this plane a perfect all-rounder. At Airshows this plane is a supremely welcome guest and for its owner a still affordable Warbird. As we are tail dragger fans and  have always been attracted to the aesthetics of a retractable undercarrige in the Focke-Wulf style, we planed to look far a YAK52 in the TD version.

This tail dragger is a conversion of a standard YAK which is carried out at Termikas in Lithuania. With its totally to the wing retracted undercarriage, this plane is more agile, less fuel consuming and faster than the original one.  Moreover it looks more beautiful and harmonious than the serial YAK 52. Several months of searching  the market  we finally  found our new plane in Landshut (Bavaria).

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