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In 2004  Ralf Borger, Norbert Alt, Thomas Wiesehof and Jürgen Adolph, formerely known as "BAWA-Team" came to the decision to buy and operate our own plane. By chance we found an incredibly nice half-scale replica of the well known Focke-Wulf FW190, one of the most powerfull fighter planes in World War II 

This beautiful plane (D-EIFW) was originally built by the amateur constructor Dirk Heuer, who had spent more than 4500 hours  in his workshop for this project. After 3 years the FW190 was repainted in the original colour scheme of the legendary “Red 13, Kölle Alaaf” that had been flown by staff sergeant Ernst Schröder, fighter wing 300 (JG 300).

The plane was a very popular guest on numerous Airshows e.g. ILA Berlin / 100 years August Euler Griesheim. Many fans have asked to participate in the flying experience. So the idea grew to purchase a “two seater” aircraft in order to fly in pairs at once.Moreover a guest can come along which is more awsome than just flying solo. Because at that time only 3 of the 4 teammates decided to proceed with the new mission we concluded to choose the new teamname Red Yak Flyers.

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